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The people I love full-hearted, The protectors of a life just started, Lost sight of them for a mere second in time, It was hardly a crime, But I hope we are never again departed.

Twenty Five

Lost in translation Lost in relation - Ship has sailed to new lands, to new- Seeds planted in curious mind Sprouting new thoughts, new experience alien mind sets Finally eye opened, setting sail Across diversity, across xenophobic waters and flooded mind.


Sleepless nights lead to days of dizzy wonderment. No, I will not lie still. No I won’t sit in my crib. The world holds too many answers and I am the asker of knowledge. Eve was content with but one apple, I would want to make a full pie.


The first time I knew what competition was. The first time I battled not just opponents, but myself. The first time I aspired to grow beyond my city. The first time I battled better people until I was better than them. It was the first time I truly understood triumph, only because it was the first time I had truly felt defeat.


Shy. Observant. Imaginative. Obedient. Its playtime teacher. Its reading time classmates. Put everything away. Why am I the only one listening. Defensive. Stubborn. Angry. We need order, I’ll demand it with furrowed brow and quivered lip. Much to the frustration of mommy. Maybe that’s why Grandma picked me up. I could do no wrong in here eyes. At least mama knows I mean well.


Fro from the get go. Eyes a wonder. World is mine. Sleep is for the weary and uninteresting. Still is. I’d rather pass out than miss a sound, a color, my dad’s laugh, my mom’s comfort, or my sissy’s smile. Still would.


“Does everyone wait this long to find love?” The impatient teen says to himself. “Do I pretend to know what I’m doing?” He asks himself sheepishly. “What will she think, what will she say?” Crosses his mind seconds before.

“I knew she’d be reciprocate.” He utters unconvincingly. 


Burnt out and anxious.

So much schooling, so many years.

About time I leave.

Twenty Seven

Challenges anew. Creativity refreshed. Fears reconsumed, as my heart beats heavy in my chest. Eyes wide and flicker with the balance of new project, new friendship, and new hardships. The movement of family, near and afar. The weight of life on me, the past moves from my rearview to my looking glass. What lies ahead and behind is of no matter. Present is just future past.